Friday, April 18, 2014

Bunny burlap banner

I have been a little busy working on the one room challenge, crafting for the craft fair I participated in last weekend and prepping for my daughter's 12th birthday {where did the time go?!}.

I didn't want to let the time fly by without stopping to make an Easter craft though.
Since I work in my den, I like to decorate that mantle in there for the holidays.
I think this burlap bunny banner makes the perfect Easter decoration.

I started with this burlap banner 
{on sale now for only $3.99!}

I used my Silhouette to cut this bunny silhouette out of freezer paper.
You can see a more detailed tutorial  for using freezer paper as a stencil here.

Iron on your stencil

and paint using craft paint.
I ended up doing three coats of paint on this stencil.

Once your paint is dry, peel your stencil off.

Of course, bunnies need cotton tails!
I hot glued on this cotton ball.

I am obsessed with banners and this burlap banner is super easy to use and already made for you!
That's the hardest part!
The decorating is the fun part.
Think fun and order your banner.

The possibilities are endless.
You could make a banner for every season!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

One room challenge Vintage Airplane boys room week 3

I am making progress on my 8 year old son's vintage airplane room and feel like it's finally coming together!  I'm so glad I have had this 6 week One Room challenge to keep me motivated.
In week one I shared my plan for the room.
Owen's Room
Week two I learned how to use power tools and created this pallet backed book case using free materials and things we already owned.
And now here we are.
Week three.
This week, I pulled things together with curtains, a new rug and new bed linens.
Here is a reminder of what the room looked like before and a side by side of what I like to call "during" because I still have three more weeks.
Let's take one more look at what the room looks like now.
The bed and toy box have been moved and the bookcases that were flanking the bed have been made awesome with a new pallet back and they have been stacked.

I found this large wooden airplane model for $20 at a junk fair
I used silver spray paint and gave it a few coats and then my husband hung it up in the corner.

Not only did the bookcase get a makeover,
the $10 bed {got it at a garage sale!} and Ikea toy chest {we've had that since my oldest son was two}
got a coat of paint and some red highlights courtesy of Annie Sloane chalk paint.

I found new sheets for Owen's bed for only $7 on clearance.  I picked up an extra set of sheets and made the curtains out of those.
I made the felt woven pillow
{tutorial here}
and the felt airplane pillow here
I found the quilt on clearance at Bed Bath and Beyond for $20!
Yep, it was super marked down.

And the fuzzy blanket at the bottom has quite the story.
During our great Midwest trip this summer where we visited four states and drove over 1500 miles,
Owen left his beloved pooh bear blanket that he has had since before he was born on the final leg of our trip.
The very last flight!  All of our efforts to find it were futile and we assume that it got left on the airplane when we landed in Salt Lake City.

So all that said, he wanted a fuzzy cozy blanket he could wrap himself up in.
And the little rabbit skin was a little something he picked up {with his own money} when we stopped at Conner Prairie in Indiana {super cool place by the way!}.

I was shopping at Home Goods this past week and could not pass up this rug.
It was $75 and while that seems cheap for a massive rug, I just don't spend that kind of money on decorating, so it was a hard pill for me to swallow.
In fact, the tags are still on it in case I change my mind!
I decided that instead of replacing the light fixture in Owen's room, I would settle on the rug instead.
What do you think?
Should I keep it?

I also scored this super cool airline trunk at a garage sale for $15.
I thought that it would make a great nightstand and it fits perfectly under Owen's low window.
The task lamp was bought at Target for $25 and the wire fan was a garage sale find for $5.
The top of the trunk is the perfect spot for Owen's handmade hobby airplanes.

The trunk has some cool history.
The old owner played trumpet in the US Army and this trunk carried his instrument all over the country.

So that's the final shot of the vintage airplane boys room makeover in week 3.
What do you think?
Should I work on the artwork next?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Gold animal head book ends. Classing up a Dollar Store find.

Gold is the new "it" color.
It's funny because for years, we have been shying away from anything gold
and now it's slowly creeping back into decorating.

When I saw these animal heads at the Dollar Tree, 
I knew that they would be 100 times better with a coat of gold paint.
Lucky for me, I found gold spray paint at a garage sale literally the next day,
 so this project ended up being super cheap!
My favorite kind of project.

I won't bore you with the details of how I spray painted these heads.
I have faith in all of you that you can figure it out.

I really love the end result.
This is the rhino head.

and the elephant head.

Isn't that a great update?!
For under $5, I took 4 dollar store finds and made them look way classier then they did before.
I love spray paint!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Game Farm Park and a picnic

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Wet-Nap but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #showusyourmess

Last week, my kids were on spring break.
While my oldest son was serving in Mexico on his very first mission trip,
the younger kids and I decided to be tourists in and around our city.

Our first stop was to the Olympic Game Farm Park in Sequim, WA.
I can't believe we haven't visited before.
It was the most fun!

Olympic Game Farm park is a drive through safari that allows you to feed whole wheat bread to the animals.
The animals know the routine and are happy to come right up to your car window for their snack.

All four of these llamas were ready for a snack!

This guy was a little drooly.
Apparently, my bread was better than some of the other cars that were driving by.

He left a nice pool of drool all over my car door.

Thankfully, I had my Wet-Nap hand wipes with me, so I could scrub off any evidence of this cute little guys visit.

The buffalo's were by far the kids favorite!
Those guys were gentle giants

with what seemed like the world's longest tongues!

 After feeding six loaves of bread to the animals,
we thought that it was time to feed ourselves and have a little creek side picnic.
Earlier in the week, when I was shopping for bread for the animals at WalMart, I also picked up some Wet-Nap hand wipes because I knew that the kids hands were going to get messy!
I am so glad that I did!
Not only because of easy drool clean up in the car, but also because the kids hands had been in a lot of mouths!

I shop at WalMart because of their everyday low prices.
I was also able to use this coupon on Wet-Nap products to save me even more money!

Isn't this the best spot for a picnic?!

Getting ready for lunch!
Wet-Nap hand wipes provided the fastest and easiest clean up of our animal slobbered hands before and of our picnic mess after.

After lunch, we headed back for more visits with the animals.

Until next time 'ya filthy animal!