Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Room to Run and a giveaway

With three kids, I have spent my fair amount of time at the park believe me! When we adopted our seven month old Golden Retriever Sophie, we started gravitating away from the people parks and have tried out nearly every dog park within a 20 mile radius.

I love the dog parks for several reasons.

1. Dog owners talk about their dogs, the way that parents talk about their kids. I have learned so much about puppies and training, grooming and dog friendly places to go.

2. Large dogs like Sophie need to get LOTS of exercise! Sophie is better behaved and more enjoyable to be around if she's gotten that puppy energy out.
Daily, I try to get Sophie at least an hour of exercise. The Dog park seems to wear her out faster than a long run or a game of soccer.

3. Dog parks provide a safe environment for socialization. Sophie is a fairly well mannered puppy and like the report card saying goes "she plays well with others".

Here's a video of a recent trip to our favorite dog park .


As you may know, Sophie has paired up with The Nutro Company to try out their products. Nutro isn't just about pet food though. Nutro is also very supportive of animals in the community.

Nutro will be hosting their second annual room to run dog park appreciation project in a city near you on May 7, 2011 and has plans to use volunteers just like you to rejuvenate dog parks in 29 cities across the US and Canada. To find out more information you can visit their facebook fan page here.

In honor of Nutro's room to run project, Nutro has generously offered four of our readers the chance to win this great prize package valued at over $100!!!

The prize pack includes:

* The Nutro Company Natural Choice variety of pet food of your choice

* The Nutro Company reusable tote bag

* Dog treats

* Poop bags

To enter the giveaway you must be a follower of Holy Craft. Then head over to The Nutro Company's facebook page and tell me where the closest room to run event is to you.

Please make sure I have a way to contact you or leave your e-mail address in the same comment. That's it, just one entry! The contest will close on Monday, May 2 and the winners will be announced on Tuesday, May 3.

Disclaimer: Nutro sponsored, 100% my own opinions.


Jayme said...

The closest one to me is the Harry Griffin Park in San Diego! It's actually only about 15 min from where we live so we would love to get involved. Thanks for sharing this great event and I would love to win some Nutro stuff for our pup!


Suzanne said...

that's where byron's dad goes with murphy. i'm guessing she's the chocolate lab on the link you put up, too. :)

Those Three Words Paper Company said...

I'm a follower--and looks like the closest one to me is the Shelby dog park in Nashville, TN--but that's still a good hour away from here! I'm happy there's a local Bark Park we take the pups to that's about a two-mile walk for us. Would love to win Nutro goodies for them, thanks for the opportunity!

Kelly said...

Great giveaway! I'm a new follower. :)

Kelly said...

There are none in my state! (Mississippi) I would have to go to TN or TX.

Heathery said...

There aren't any near me (Tulsa, OK). I'd have to drive 4 hours south to Dallas! ):

aStarToSteerHerBy said...

new follower (gfc). THe closest one to us is in Fishers, IN! Actually, it's pretty much the only one near us. I love Nutro food products--we use Nutro Ultra for our puppies-they love it, and it's way healthier than cheap puppy chow crap!

Nikki said...

The closest one to me is either Nashville or Atlanta they are each about 4 hours drive away. I'm a follower already!

Front Deck Text said...

There is no event in Alberta -- the closest one is in Vancouver, just a mere 1200 km away. I am a follower.

dani84m said...

The closest to me is the hill top dog park in tampa, fl. I'm a new follower and Nutro saved my dog.

brichelle said...

Hi, I'm a new follower.. I love your blog!

The closest one to me is all the way in Detroit, which is about 1-1.5 hours away from me :( it's too bad.. I would have loved to get involved!


Holly said...

I am a new follower of Holy Craft but an 8+yr Nutro lover! My Boxer Bailey that recently passed away was a life long lover of Nutro, when I got her she was malnourished and had to be hospitalized for 3days but after her little hospital stint I immediately grabbed the top of the line product Nutro Large Breed Puppy for her and within a few weeks she gained her healthy weight and her fur was gorgeous sadly she passed away just after celebrating her 8th Birthday =(. I took her to the dog park a 20min drive weekly weather permitting, the closest room to run will be held in Boston but I plan on taking my Boxer Puppy Bella to our local dog park that Bailey enjoyed and we're going to clean it up just to do our part!

Alexa said...

I am a new follower...I have a 1 yr old st bernard puppy...he loves his nutro :) the closest one to me is Washington DC which is a few hours away :(

twodoggys said...

not one super close but we do have a BIG backyard, and sponser "Dog Day Afternoons" for neighbors :) Love this idea, thanks for all your efforts!

Lynn said...

I don't think we have a doggie park around here. I'll have to ask friends that have dogs. Honey just takes walks but I'm sure she would love a dog park.

Jill Leake said...

I am a follower, and I have to say, that our dogs are too. Kalie (dobie/collie mix)13 years old and Leila (toy poodle) 3 years old are the biggest fans of Nutro food. That's all they ever eat! Living in Vermont the closet park to us would be Boston mass. The girls had great fun playing in a homemade track my girlfriend and I made this winter (in the feet of snow we received).
jillsey18@yahoo.com or phototymes@gmail.com

Carrie said...

I'm a follower and the closest run to me is in Houston! We love Nutro Max for our Golden Retriever, Mr. Major!!!

Terri said...

I am a new follower and LOVE THIS!!! Thanks so much! the closest Room to Run event to me is in Washington D.C. (tstratton@mpbarden.com)

spongebrooke said...

The closest Room to Run event is at Wiggly Field in Chicago!


rockhound24 said...

The closest park to me is in Westminster CO. I'm going to get info about volunteering. I was laid off on Monday, so this is just the positive boost I need! rockhound24@yahoo.com

cspaniels said...

I would love to be able to take my dogs to the park but being that they are pit bulls any fight regardless of who started it would be my dogs fault. My dogs are obediance trained and well socialized. Sadly we never chance the dog park, I won't risk their lives over it.

Jeff said...

The closest park to me is in Bowling Green, KY at H.P. Thomas Park titanshoward@gmail.com

Dejah said...

The nearest events to me are DC (3 hours away) and Raleigh, NC (5 hours away). Sorry, but not going to either. We dont do dog Parks. They are non-existsnt in our very rural area. Fortunately, out little farm gives our dogs plenty of room to run.

I did write an article on dog friendly beaches once. A Chicago municipal beach was considered tops.

Laura said...

I would love to take my dogs to a park but our one dog isn't sure of certain strangers so I would always be on guard even though we trust her!

Nancy Ann said...

We have two Australian Cattle Dogs who love to run. Our favorite place is about 20 minutes away. It is Huntington Beach Dog Beach. We also have Costa Mesa Bark Park. When we go camping we like to go to Carpenteria State Beach and take them to Rin Con Park. Our two dogs love Nutro products!

Camille said...

The closest is a toss up for us. We're right between the one in Seattle and the one in Vancouver BC. Loving these giveaways!

jljenkins said...

I am a new follower. We have always fed Nutro to our 8 yr old black lab. We had numerous dog parks near us when we lived in Vermont, but none here in WV. Amazing giveaway!

Knovess said...

I am a new follower. So glad Nutro introduced me to your site. I have been friends with Nutro for sometime now on FB. I just uploaded a picture of my Lab-Rain and my English bulldog/Shih Tzu mix-Benzie. We would love to win the Nutro gift pack, as Nutro is the only food my babies can eat. For some reason they are not able to digest any other food. Which is just fine, because Nutro offers such a healthy product. To that, thank you, Nutro! We don't have a dog park anywhere near us. But rest assure...My babies are walked and ran daily, as I run. Plus they have a very roomy yard to just chill in as well. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win such a great prize.

Coupon Crazy and Freebie Fanatic said...

THe closest run to me is in Madison Hgts, MI probably 1 hr 30 mins away :)
Thanks you for the chance to win! I saw this thru myPetSavings.com on fb :)
.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`• ƸӜƷ
ccff41 at aol dot com

Coupon Crazy and Freebie Fanatic said...

i follow Holly Craft thru GFC
.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`• ƸӜƷ
ccff41 at aol dot com

Catie said...

The closest one to me is in Indianapolis, about 100 miles away.:(

catie.russo at gmail dot com

Wood chips from the wood pile said...

The closest one to us is Seattle (which is about a 6 hour drive). Wish there was one closer, but oh, well:) Our dogs love Nutro food!


Sadie said...

I follow you on Google Friend Connect! I am so excited for this giveaway, we are feeding our puppy Nutro Natural Choice!

sadiechick81 at aol dot com

Sadie said...

The closest event to us is Seattle. 3.5 hours away, darn!

sadiechick81 aat aol dot com

nispan5142 said...

YAY! Room to run close to me: Minnesota

Franklin Terrace Dog Park
(928 Franklin Terrace)
...Saturday, May 7, 2011
8 am – 12 pm

Nic Spangle


Amanda said...

Closest one to me is in Atlanta at the Deer Lick Dog Park. Wish one were even closer!


Emily L said...

DC, Philly, and Baltimore are the closest Room to Run events for me... but their all 2.5 hours away.


Jacque Haeffner said...

I'm a new bee to your blog! Shall I say "I'm impressed"! Loving it. My kids with fur love the food and would love to go to a dog park, but they are a bit selfish of sharing the grass with any other kid with fur. I keep asking them to share, but they just won't , ugg little kids with fur! Gotta love them.

p.s. they told me they would love to win the gift pack; they said the food is rufffull (wonderful)!

Carol said...

I'm a new follower and the closest room to run is in San Francisco, a 2 hr drive.

moodycab at sbcglobal dot net

cstironkat said...

I follow you on GFC as cstironkat and the nearest event is at the Maplewood Dog park in St. Louis, MO.

MuppetLvr said...

The closest to me is Hill Top Dog Park in Tampa, FL. Alas, I will be celebrating my birthday in other ways! We LOVE Nutro!kim_mehan@yahoo.com

babywoofer said...

The closes to me is Jackson, WY or Minneapolis, MN! We are a LOOOOONG way away! I will be telling you that NUTRO is totally worth it for SOPHIE! I have a 17 YES, SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD WHITE GERMAN SHEPHERD, she has been on Nutro since she was born!!!! 17 and going strong! NOT blind/deaf/crippled or otherwise! Here's to many happy years on Nutro! chasenit@iwon.com

Jen said...

I'm a new follower and the closest room to run is boston, ma

Christa said...

The one nearest me is at Red Oaks Dog Park in Detroit, MI


Lindsay said...

Dog parks are wonderful! It really is a great socializing experience for pet and owner. We looked forward going every day over the summers.


Andrea said...

The closest to me is in Nashville, I helped with the event at Centennial Park last year, my boy Cassius had a great time with the other furry volunteers!

KrystalY. said...

the closest one to us is West Webster Bark Park in Houston, Tx :)

(mommy of 2 fur-babies... Duke: Dane/ lab mix & Roxy: Great Dane)