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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Family photos with Kris Allen

I wanted to share with you a few of the photos that we had taken last weekend by awesome local photographer Kris Allen. Kris has done our pictures several times both times at the beach. This time, I was hoping for more rustic fall colored backdrops, brick walls and train tracks.

While the train tracks seem like a lovely back drop for some really cool photos, they are certainly not worth risking your life for. Something we quickly learned during our photo shoot. I learned that it's not IF but WHEN a train will come and that trains don't have a predictable schedule and offer little to no warning when they are coming.

Please, let the lesson that we learned prevent you from making the same mistake that we did.


Frugal Down Under said...

Lovely and loving.

Sarah said...

those are some seriously awesome photos!! FUN STUFF :)

Patricia Torres said...

Those are super impressive photographs!! Lovely!!

Jaimee said...

How CUTE are you?! Those pics are fab! Love your outfit, and those beautiful faces : )
Jaimee @